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Meta has introduced its latest social media app, which is ‘THREAD’. It has broken all the records and has got 100+ million in 12 hours. Meta has always been the most competitive side. Firstly, it was Instagram reels giving tough competition to TikTok, and now it’s Thread v/s Twitter.

Thread, the newest & recently most popular Meta platform, gave cut-throat competition to Elon Musk’s Twitter. The Twitter audience must have been familiar with the features of Thread, but still, they are unique in some way or another. Let’s discuss:



It has more personal use: Thread is an excellent platform to share personal or intimate photos with a limited group. You can only share your thoughts, feelings, and moments with your friends and family.

Provides Engaging read: The thread has given 500 characters limit which let users describe their co-intent without them moving away from their point. Character limits allow users only to mention important points which become engaging for readers.

Secure way to share data: Thread has end-to-end encryption which only lets you which means the post you shared will remain only between you and the people you shared with.

Video posts: You can share videos on a thread with can last for a duration of 5 min. You can make videos that are entertaining or informative.





Stay updated with events: Twitter lets you follow various news resources and also you can follow your favorite celebrities to stay up with trends.
Connect with people with similar interests: Twitter is a great place to connect and share your opinions. You can follow hashtags similar to your interests and hobbies.

Promote your business: Twitter has a huge audience base where you can share your business news and showcase your products.
Get customer feedback: Twitter lets you interact with your audience and as a business, you can ask questions, get valuable reviews and solve customer queries. It is a great place to build strong customer-related options.




Thread Or Twitter both are popular and established social media apps. Both of them have a huge user base one of the reasons for which is having a Great User Interface. The user base has a huge role in retaining your audience.

Thread being the newest social media app is more minimalist and modern having only 3 tabs.

  • HOME: where you can see your latest posts and the posts of your followers
  • ACTIVITY: shows your likes, comments & mentions.
  • ARCHIVE: shows your past posts.


Twitter has a more traditional UI. The tabs are divided into:

  • HOME: Latest tweets from people & pages you follow
  • SEARCH: Here you can search your interests, people you like, Hashtags you want to follow
  • NOTIFICATION: shows your likes, comments & mentions

Conclusion: Twitter v/s Thread has lightened the social media place. All other establish social media apps have already gained a huge user base, but Thread has given them tough competition in a short period of time, especially Twitter.

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